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Why ESG principles are good for your employees

We know that adhering to environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles makes the world (and your work!) a better place, but have you considered how these improvements could extend into your specific organization and empower your employees?

What is ESG?

ESG stands for environmental, social and governance - the three key factors when measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment in a business or other organization.

What does ESG mean for Business?

While not a new concept (it dates back to the 1960s), there has been a recent shift in focus beyond corporate social responsibility. The average person is aware of the global impact and importance of ESG, and the role they may play as an employee.

So, how can your organization become more ESG-minded? Here are a few tips to get started.

Define your ESG plan

Sustainability will matter to employees if they can see that it matters to the organization. Set clear and attainable sustainability goals. It’s okay to start small and take it step by step, but having a thought-out plan that employees are aware of and can understand is crucial to ensure responsible decision-making with sustainability in mind.

A few examples include being mindful of the carbon footprint created by team member travel, or the amount of paper/plastic waste being created by an office and looking for ways to offset those things. Ideas for solutions could come from employee resource groups, or ERGs. These groups can discuss challenges and opportunities and bring matters to the attention of higher-ups.

Empower employees with education

Whether an employee is new to the idea of ESG principles or has previous experience with them, continued education from your organization is immensely valuable. Meet employees where they are and help them feel supported on their ESG continuum.

Having a formal ESG plan can be greatly beneficial for your employees. The resource can allow them to learn about your organization’s values and see what actions it is taking to work towards sustainability goals. The information that an ESG plan can provide will also allow employees to confidently answer questions from clients, stakeholders, or other industry professionals who also undoubtedly have ESG at top of mind.

Engage employees by measuring and promoting progress

By setting up metrics to track your organization’s progress towards your ESG goals, you have a unique opportunity to actively involve employees as subject matter experts or volunteers and develop similar metrics they can use in their individual and collective business dealings.

Get started on your ESG strategy

By incorporating ESG principles into your strategy and educating employees on their importance, you are building these values into your organization’s foundation. You can choose aspects that are in line with your company culture so that these efforts feel genuine and meaningful. ESG is beneficial for all, and employees and organizations that embrace ESG will be better for it.

Whether your organization is at the beginning of its sustainability journey or if ESG has been on your mind for years, AOE is ready to help you reach your goals. We can help you communicate your data so it will be easily understood and well received. Contact us and check out our sustainability communications service page.



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