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Communicating ESG data effectively

The construction industry’s latest reporting requirement addition is the disclosure of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) data. Although ESG and sustainability are sometimes used interchangeably, they are different. Simply put, sustainability is just one part of ESG. It can be explained in that sustainability describes a company’s relationship to the environment, while ESG broadens that relationship to encompass social responsibility and ethics.

In the clamor for more information and reporting, there is currently little guidance for companies attempting to follow ESG reporting. This includes where to begin, as well as what exactly should be disclosed. ESG reporting is designed to highlight your company’s activities, while improving transparency. Reporting is also an effective way to demonstrate to investors that you’re meeting your goals.

Despite the lack of consistent standards, third-party companies now can guide members of our industry through the reporting process, developing the data needed to report to investors. After the data is complete, it is equally important to present the information in an easily understood format so investors can quickly and effortlessly find the information they need. To ensure that the final data is communicated in the best method possible, here are some key steps:

  • Work with professional communicators. Have writers and designers bring the data together in a professional looking brochure, video and/or on your website.

  • Be visual. Have the designer create charts and infographics will ensure that the final data is communicated in the best method possible and is easy to understand. Also, make sure the brochure follows all corporate branding.

  • Distribute the information to investors. The final electronic brochure can be emailed to investors when requested. It can also reside on your website.

  • Don’t forget your website. The information from the ESG report can also be divided up and included in various places on your company’s website. Whether it is your company’s policies; workplace health and safety; sustainability; diversity, equity and inclusion; or other topics, the information can be in as much depth as needed for the website.

In terms of content, typical information:

  • Sustainability

  • Greenhouse gas emissions

  • Water consumption

  • Safety culture

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Employee health and wellness

  • Crisis Response

  • Community service/philanthropy

  • Leadership

  • Ethics and compliance

  • Risk Management

Whether you are just starting or in the midst of your ESG journey, contact AOE and we can help you communicate your data so it will be easily understood and well received.


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