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Bring out the cake, it’s time for a celebration!

Every company hits milestones – such as number of projects performed and size of business, but anniversary milestones are the golden opportunity to communicate your success with your customers and employees. Have you celebrated past corporate anniversaries? There are different approaches you can use to make everyone – customers, the industry and employees – aware of what you’ve achieved.

New Logo – When you hit a magic number of years in business, whether it is 10, 25, 50, or 125 years, you can celebrate your longevity. The first order of business is to have a special logo designed announcing your anniversary. This anniversary logo should be prominent on your letterhead, your website and in your email address signature. Use this logo for the entire anniversary year.

Photos – Take this opportunity to find old photos of the company and the products or services. The photos create a visual timeline of what you have achieved.

History – Research old stories or information about the company’s past. What was the company’s original product or service? How has the company’s focus and offerings evolved?

Timeline – Create a visual timeline of your progress. Showcase your projects, products and place of business using the photos and history information you discovered. Prezi is a great tool to create a moving timeline.

Public Relations – Send out a news release and an eblast announcing how many years you’ve been in business and what you’ve accomplished during that time. This is best for the larger dates – 50 and up. This is your chance to briefly showcase your stats – from how you started to where you are now. This could include how many employees you have now, how many projects you have completed and how the type of work has evolved.

Video – Think about creating a video that interviews your founder and possibly some notable customers, highlighting what makes your company special.

Infographic – Produce an infographic that contains all of your company’s stats from over the years. It can showcase elements such as your company’s products, types of projects, charity work and number of employees. Infographics are handy visuals that can be used on your website, on a company bulletin board, in company eblasts and even sent to trade publications. You may truly be surprised to find out just how much you have accomplished once you’ve put all the numbers together. Venngage is a free infographic website you can use.

Website – Include the material you developed for your anniversary on your webpage. It’s the best way to reach potential customers as well as current customers.

An important part of celebrating an anniversary is actually celebrating. Bring in cake, host a special dinner for your employees and give out awards for years of service. Remember, an anniversary should be as an important event to your employees, as it is to you.

Use the occasion an anniversary gives you to truly showcase who you are and all you have accomplished. You won’t have this opportunity every year.



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