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Social Media Marketing Agency Pricing 

Employees of a social media marketing agency discussing pricing.

What do
social media consultants do? 

A social media consultant planning a social media campaign strategy.

Social media consultants are individuals or agencies who work with clients to optimize, grow and improve on a social media marketing strategy. Often, social media consultant’s roles overlap with SEO, content creation and social media strategy. The scope of a social media consultant is vast, ranging from a mix of services and products. Social media consultants can help with higher acquisition and retention rates, better ROI from social media efforts, effective social media strategy, gaining a deeper knowledge of social media through relevant departments and much more. Typically, social media consultants will have skills to be able to produce profitable and effective social media campaigns through giving advice and strategic planning to give your social media strategy the boost it needs. Social media consultants tend to focus on three main subjects: strategy, ROI and analysis. 

Strategy in social media consulting starts with consultants taking a long hard look at your current social media strategy and how it is performing. Consultants will be able to identify strengths and weaknesses, noting what is working well, and what may need to be improved on. Your business goals will be another aspect consultants will consider when adjusting your strategy or creating a new one. This will allow your social media consultant to work with you to develop a personalized social media strategy ultimately improving your online presence. ROI is one of the most important aspects in a social media strategy. Part of a social media consultant’s job is to expand your social media following and community. A consultant can teach you about how to grow your community, engage with your audience and most importantly, increase follower counts. An experienced social media consultant will come up with content strategies that will help generate leads, lead potential clients to your site, improve relationships with customers and more. All these factors lead to a greater ROI. Once a social media is either put in place or updated, your social media consultant will focus on analytics. Analytics are essential for tracking performance on social media, they allow you to determine whether you are meeting your goals and if adjustments are needed or not. Your social media consultant will not only point you to the right social media management tools, but also help you to decipher and pick out key information you can use to measure ROI. 

What should be included in a social media management package? 

Social media marketing packages can be offered at many different levels. Packages can range from posting content on a single platform, to a comprehensive management program that spanning across multiple social platforms. The type of package best for your company can be determined after doing research and setting company goals. The following are samples of different packages that you will see most often. A content only package typically involves posting X number of times per month, week or day and is typically more basic social media marketing package. A direct interaction with your followers’ packages also involves posting X number of times per month, week or day, but focuses on interactions with followers. Outreach packages focus on attracting new followers, media attention, potential partners X number of times per month, week or day. The most complex package would be a Strategy package that has monthly / weekly reports, research on analytics, tweaking and adjustments to constantly improve results.  


The bottom line for all social media packages is that they must include key factors that will allow you to meet your social media strategy goals. The following social media marketing package must-haves are what you should be looking for when deciding on a package for your social media management. Content is key, so a package that offers quality content creation and distribution is vital. A good social media management package must include quality, meaningful content that will be distributed strategically among various social pages. Content writers should be able to create content in the client’s voice while taking expectations of the audience into account, which will drive an audience. This should also include a schedule in place to plan social media posting so that it has the best chance of engagement. The second aspect a social media package should include is an innovative and effective promotional campaign. The ability for social media to really deliver results relies on a social media consultant or agency’s ability to produce creative promotional campaigns specifically tailored to your goals. Audience interaction and timely responses is the third key piece to an effective social media campaign. Interaction with existing and potential customers plays a vital role in lead generation. Monitoring and responding to questions and comments on your page shows customers that you interact with and care about customers. The fourth piece you should look for in a social media package is social media page optimization and high-quality graphics. Professionally designed graphics will raise your reputation, like having branded cover pages, high quality background images, graphics and promotional photos all following your brand guidelines. Social media page optimization should also be a part of your package – ensuring your company’s information is presented clearly and fully. The last thing you should look for in a social media package is video marketing. Video marketing is becoming increasingly more important to social media as videos tend to be some of the most highly shared content. 


Once all five of these elements are working together, you can be sure that your pages are receiving the attention that they need to succeed. 

How much should you spend on social media marketing? 

Social media marketing pricing has to do with several factors: 

  • How much are you asking the agency or consultant to do? 

  • Can any of the word be automated? 

  • How much of the work requires real-time activity vs. pre-scheduling the work for the week or the month? 

  • Do you want general posts or custom branded posts written in your voice? 

  • How much strategy and research do you want on a monthly basis? 

  • How often are strategic adjustments needed to be made on your campaigns? 


Some prices can range from costing $100 a month to thousands of dollars a month. It all depends on what social media strategy you already have, what needs to be changed or improved and how all this lines up with your goals. An experienced social media management agency has the tools, time, resources and expertise to handle you social media strategy. The price you pay for social media marketing will reflect the success you see on your social media! 



If you are interested in learning more about social media marketing packages and pricing, contact AOE today and one of our experts will walk you through everything you need to know about social media marketing! 

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